Division of Chinese


The Division of Chinese offers a well-structured four-year Bachelor of Arts (BA) program to help students systematically acquire a high level of language proficiency, analytical abilities and social & cultural knowledge. Through their courses and close work with academic staff who are actively engaged in researches and activities on China and Chinese in multidisciplinary aspects, students will develop intercultural communication skills and have a chance to design their own concentrated study based on their interests.


Key Benefits

  • A combination of language skills, cultural & social literacy and analytical thinking results in extremely competent and versatile graduates.
  • Teaching & training is informed by highly knowledgeable & adept teaching staff, both native speakers and Chinese-speaking Thais, which means students learn from those at the forefront of the field.
  • Ample opportunities for students to participate in extra-curricular activities, Chinese language training, academic competitions, scholarship & exchange programs, and many more.
  • A full-semester Work Placement scheme gives students hands-on experiences in the real professional environment.     


 This program allows students to study core courses in Chinese language, literature, culture, history, and society and then progress to their particular areas of interest plus a minor in a field of their choices to prepare themselves for their desired career paths.

     Over the course of four years, students are required to complete at least 143 credits. In each of the seven semesters, they will take about six or seven individual courses, normally valued at 3.0 credits, adding up to 18.0 – 21.0 credits for the semester. The last semester is dedicated to a Cooperative Education program, a work placement scheme during which students will gain real-life work experience invaluable for their future careers.  

     In the first year, to build a solid foundation, students undertake two basic yet intensive communicative courses in the Chinese language per semester. Along with Chinese, students are also required to take communicative English courses, literary studies modules and interdisciplinary subjects such as Man and Quest for KnowledgeIntegrated Scienceand Information Technology and Modern Life to boost versatility.

     In the second year, in addition to more advanced English courses that will facilitate their future study and careers in a global context, students continue to strengthen their Chinese language proficiency through three intermediate-level courses per semester, making up a total of six Chinese modules for this academic year. Students also start their minor study at this level, besides two elective modules of their preferences.

     In the third year, students further develop their skills through a collection of multifaceted Chinese courses, ranging from communication skills modules at the upper-intermediate level to more specific subjects such as Chinese Syntax, Introduction to Chinese Literature / Chinese Studies and Chinese Translation. While being allowed to choose their own additional courses in their areas of interest, a compulsory Research Methodology for Chinese Studies module prepares every student for more in-depth research & higher education.

     In the fourth year, progressive speaking and translation courses equip students with the ability to communicate in Chinese with high proficiency. Students in the first semester define their paths by choosing three modules from a range of advanced Chinese courses and in the last semester experience real-life situations in a genuine work environment via the Cooperative Education – work placement -- Program.  


The fact that 100 percent of graduates secure employment shortly after finishing their study says everything about the career prospects of this program. These include jobs in education, government agencies, diplomacy & international relations, multinational corporations, media, tourism & hospitality, international NGOs and many more.


Chinese Division, Oriental Language Department,
Faculty of Humanities, Chiang Mai University

239, Huay Keaw rd., Mueang Chiang Mai District, Chiang Mai  50200

e-mail : cmu.human.chinese@cmu.ac.th (Official account)

Tel  053-943246, 053-943247 ต่อ 102

The Faculty of Humanities is one of three faculties established when Chiang Mai University was founded in 1964. The other two faculties are the Faculty of Sciences and the Faculty of Social Sciences. The three faculties offer three groups of foundation courses: natural sciences, social science and humanities as educators at that time believed it would result in a perfect graduate who is equipped with basic knowledge related to things of nature, human society and the mind as well as other qualities of mankind. In the first year of the establishment in 1964, the Faculty of Humanities had 20 full-time academic staff and 2 part-time instructors, 3 administrative staff and 77 students while offering 282 courses.

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